More About Me

I am just another person of almost total inconsequence expressing her thoughts and journey in an enormous sea of other voices.

I am in my thirties.  I've been affected to varying degrees since I was in my very early teens by a disorder called hypokalemic periodic paralysis.  Living with this illness defined and saturated my life, my mind, and how I lived and reacted, so deeply and completely that perhaps even now I can no longer see exactly where it ends, although for the last two years I've been relatively healthy.

I majored in philosophy but metalsmithing is my work, and also my passion and one of my saviors and I have deep gratitude for its place in my life.  It gives me great joy, freedom and happiness, both when I am well, and also in the middle of times when I feel imprisoned by my life circumstances.  I have not always been well enough to work, but when I am it is there, waiting for me.

Life is difficult.  For me, for all of us.  Sometimes so unbearably so that I feel caged with painful options on every side. But it is also often tempered by the astonishing work of coming to know this unbelievable world.

I am divorced.

 I like natural beauty, second grade humor and being silly, people whose first and deepest value is compassion, crocheting, wasting time online, multiplayer first person shooters (BF2/3, TF2, L4D, Insurgency, etc.), Morrowind and Skyrim, finding euphoric pleasure in the simplest joys of life, well written books whether fiction or non, amateur physics, philosophical, scientific and theological exploration, fishing, cats and creme brulee.

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