Thursday, 18 February 2016

Two Good

On Tuesday I will have an interview at a hospice here in order to become a volunteer.  (Because they are a Medicare funded institution, standards for volunteers are required to be as high as for employees; thus, interviewing and extensive training.)  I hope to become a vigil and/or respite volunteer; that is, someone who sits with a person who is actively dying to give their family time to take a break, or, in case there isn't family, to ensure that nobody dies alone.  The dignified dying movement seems profoundly important to me and I look forward to being a part of it.

In the summer I'll have a small exhibit of my jewelry and photography at an arts center here, and at that same center I will teach jewelry workshops in the fall.  I'm really excited because I love both metalsmithing and teaching.

I am slowly finding some of the opportunities I moved here hoping for.  It feels productive and meaningful.  It's validating the notion that living in a city - especially one with an active art scene - is better for me 

In other ways I'm still struggling with sadness and general life confusion quite a bit.

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