Sunday, 13 December 2015


This year was new, different and unexpected.  I experienced these things for the very first time:

Visited Florida

Went sea fishing

Went freshwater fishing for the first, fifth and hundredth times and became addicted

Moved away from my hometown and home state

Got a puppy who is now nearly 1

Became legally divorced

Had a grandparent die

Ice skated


Drank alcohol which is as disgusting as I expected

Saw lemurs in person

Apprenticed under a master goldsmith

Became a landlord

Colored my hair, too many times

Got a pixie cut, which I absolutely despised

Rode a horse

Went to a state fair

Went to an NFL game

Ate at a food truck (or three)

Fired a gun (skeet shooting)

Had an Aquamassage