Friday, 12 June 2015


Today my grandpa died just 33 days shy of his 100th birthday.  When he was born, bread was .07c a loaf, ice was delivered to his house in a horse drawn wagon for the family ice box, and an average yearly salary was just over $1000.  Since then there has been a dust bowl, a great depression, a Holocaust, men walking on the moon.  Zippers earned their name, women the right to vote.  The Twin Towers were built and destroyed.  DNA was discovered, and there were many wars.  The pacemaker that kept him alive was invented and penicillin produced.  Handheld computers containing extraordinary communication, storage, computing and informational power became nearly ubiquitous.

He had three children, three grandchildren, lost a son, lost a wife, and then gained another.

What a time to have been alive.  

Enameled necklace made by my grandfather.

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