Tuesday, 6 May 2014

I feel guilty when I photograph flowers.

I feel guilty when I photograph flowers.

I don't object to it universally, but this era is one in which originality in arts of all kinds is sought and revered above all else; far above aesthetics or simple beauty, both of which are often completely irrelevant now, perhaps even detracting from the perceived talent of the artist.  Unaccompanied beauty often won't be noticed.

The world doesn't need more pictures of flowers.  What has been more photographed?

(Other than selves, in blurry bathroom mirrors.)

The pressure, in my own craft as a silversmith, and in my hobby as a photographer, to create what is unique, original, not done before, feels so intense that I feel guilt and a sense of failure, for not having adequately met it.

I wonder if I can somehow shake the guilt I feel in finding happiness in capturing, creating, and revelling in nothing more than what is beautiful.  It's alright to do so, isn't it?

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