Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Sometimes I think about what I will leave behind in this world.  It will be next to nothing, nearly meaningless, words weakly expressing thoughts that wiser, smarter people have already said.  Words that will be almost entirely lost as long as we last, and then eventually completely obliterated along with all that was us.  And yet to complete my journey I feel I need to purge them.  And what feels most pressing to me to reiterate in as many ways as I can, for as long as I can, is the indescribable virtue, importance and meaning of compassion; the journey of compassion, resisting the urge to be at worst cruel or at least unkind, unforgiving.  It is my life's ultimate work to try to embody that virtue though I am certain I will live it imperfectly til the end.  But I need to persevere.  At the end of my life I will not regret that.

I don't want to carry on a legacy of criticism, unforgiveness, or rejection.  I don't want to carry on that legacy, which I have been handed.  I want to be a force that removes at least a minute drop from the sea of suffering, and adds at least a minute drop to the sea of hope and beauty that can also exist.


Can one heal themselves by giving what they never had to another person?  If I give my niece the gift of unconditional compassion and acceptance, will it also ease the ache of inadequacy in myself, the feeling of being ultimately unable to be loved unconditionally?

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