Thursday, 14 March 2013


Why do I have dreams about sorting tasks that cannot be completed?  Last night, we bought a farmhouse estate and found only afterwards that the previous owners had left behind room after room of dirty old belongings and tattered furnishings.  Dozens of outdated washing machines, old wood, cats, filth.  No matter how many rooms I cleaned out and refinished, there were still more.

Several months ago, helping my parents clean out and organize their attic but no matter how many boxes of nostalgic items and old memorabilia we opened and sorted through, there were more.

A kitchen whose cupboards needed to be de-cluttered but whose contents I could never reach the end of.

A closet whose shelf I had to help clean out but behind each item there was always another, always more.

Last night I half awoke from the farmhouse dream and forced my way back into it so that I could walk through the house after it had been cleaned and refinished, to feel the satisfaction of seeing the job finally done, but the mental power required to push out the clutter and disorganization was too weak. When I turned around, I saw that there were still piles of old things that hadn't been attended to in the corners, still linoleum floors left dirty and chipped.

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