Tuesday, 7 August 2012

To My Imaginary Friends

So it'll be just you and me,
my friends.
You'll be there until my end.
Beyond the moments when I am taken from
the ones I love, the ones who've promised I won't die alone;
beyond the moment when my eyes close and I am, for the final time,
pressed out of this world and into my own.
It will be you there with me, inside my fading universe.

I wonder if we'll die together, old and gray,
if our eyes will meet for the first time,
recognizing and acknowledging.
Me, your Maker, and you, the beautiful,
complete creatures who have kept me company all my life.
Will we grip hands as we wait?
Or will you smile, laugh - oblivious,
dancing on as though you won't end,
like you always have,
letting me rest in the peace and purity of the world you live in.
Living like I've found some way to send you outside of me
where you'll spin, unending.

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